Annual Appeal


Today's youth are growing up in a world much different from that of previous generations. The structure and patterns of family life in America have undergone dramatic changes. Families have become increasingly mobile and often function without assistance from extended family members. The divorce rage remains high. More children are born to and raised in single-parent households. child obesity is at an all-time high across the country. Many young people are confronted with dangerous influences, like drug use, gangs, and violence in their schools and neighborhoods.
Young people need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate and accept them. This support can come from family members or from other adults such as Club staff, neighbors or teachers. Children need to have a place where they are physically and emotionally safe; a place with structure and clear limits.

We need the financial support of caring people like you to help us reach children who need us most. Your investment gives the Wareham Boys & Girls Club the chance to develop a generation of young Americans who are productive and caring citizens. They will become our community, national and world leaders, exhibiting strong character and integrity to build a better life themselves, better communities for their fellow citizens and a stronger America.

You can make an impact in the life of a child by providing him or her with a safe, secure and stimulating environment through the Boys & Girls Club.
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