Basketball Leagues

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford plays host to various basketball leagues throughout the year.  It is the home of the Bay State Basketball League which has been recognized as one of the premier youth basketball leagues in Southeastern Massachusetts.  BAY STATE BASKETBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE CLICK HERE

To inquire about participation in any of the leagues contact Robert Mendes at (508) 992-8011 for more information.  To check league schedules and results click on appropriate sub items under Basketball Leagues.

Here are some of the basketball leagues operating out of the Boys & Girls Club:

Bay State Basketball League @ Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford
Serving youth 7-14 years of age the league consists of three divisions: Instructional (7-9yrs.), Pee Wee Division (9-11yrs.) and Little League (12-14yrs). 

New Bedford Senior Basketball League
Adult mens basketball league for men 35 years and older.  Leagues are played on Sunday morning and consist of former high school, recreation, and college area stars.

New Bedford Women's Basketball League
Open women's basketball league for females ages 18 and older.  League is played on Wednesday nights and consist of recreational, and former high school and college female players.

Senior Basketball League
An adult men's basketball league for men 45 years and older.  Game are played on Thursday nights at the Boys & Girls Club and prove to be very entertaining.

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